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Many addicts often assert that they hold the power and ability to stop using a substance or activity at any point in time, however, this is a lie.  

Most addicts actually hold little or no control over their addiction.

Stop living a lie.

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Please call Thrive Boston Counseling at (617)395.5806, and one of our Thrive Boston Addiction Therapists will be fully prepared to speak with you today. (If by chance, we are seeing another individual at the time of your call, please just leave us a brief message with your phone number and you receive a call back within the hour.)


We want to speak with you about how Thrive Boston Addiction Counseling can help you to overcome your addiction. And we want more than anything to schedule a time to meet with you this week. You do not need to wait any longer to get help.  The time is now and we want to help.


You have found Thrive Boston Counseling for a reason. You know that something about your life is not alright, and you would like to experience change. At Thrive Boston Counseling, we want you to experience that change.

Don't wait any longer suffering from an addiction. Do not wait until it's too late. Take the next step and do the best thing that you could possibly do for yourself or your loved one. 

The healing starts now.

Call Thrive Boston Counseling at (617)395.5806 or visit us at 

Thrive Boston Counseling would also just like to recognize you for beginning your healing process. Finding an addiction counselor is the first step- and a giant one at that.  Just by having read the information on this site, you are so close to making the changes that you seek happen in your life.  Whether it has taken you months or years to take this step, you are no longer alone.  From this point on you do not have to struggle alone.

We hope to hear from you soon.