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Do you or someone you know have physical or psychological dependence on a substance?  

Do you have a compulsion to use that substance or activity as a way of coping with life?

  There are other ways to cope.

Let us help. 

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Additional Information on Addiction:

Because it is a habitual behavior, addiction is very difficult to control.  As a result, it often leads to more activities that continue the addiction further or cover up the addiction.

Individuals suffering from an addiction often blame their dependence on other factors in their lives instead of taking responsibility for their actions.  By doing so, they are engaging in the defense mechanism of denial.

Many addictions begin through innocent experimentation. It is when an individual enjoys the experience, however, that they continue to engage in it.  Overtime, substance abuse occurs if that individual becomes so completely dependent on a specific substance that they need it in order to ward off any symptoms of withdrawal.


Addictions often cover up a variety of emotional problems that can include everything from depression to chronic illness to bipolar disorder and hyperactivity.

Boston Addiction Treatment

If you are suffering from a substance abuse addiction and are looking for help, Thrive Boston  Addiction Counseling and Boston Addiction Treatment Center may be the right place for you to find the help you need. 

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